Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation

Being a SEO Expert, one day when I was on my work, I gotta check a FB page named “Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation

I found this page to be quite interesting, since this foundation Mr. Eddie & his teams are the one who rescued big cats from circuses and zoos. They just don’t rescue them, they nurture and give unconditional love. You know, there are more than 180 Tigers, Lions, Jaguars, Leopards, Cougar and Lynxes over this foundation. Yes, just think of the way they look after their several kids with good care and affection. Why not such foundations to be started, that could completely rescue the animals? Mr. Eddie and teams, the true role models  for us. Hats off to each one among the teams who loved and cared them in such a Lovable way.

I’m always exited to see this page and all the videos make my day. It’s infact heart warming. Mr. Eddie (the papa bear), his teams and bears are the heroes who are made of passion and immense dedication and love!

My profound respect and admiration to Mr. Eddie and his Teams (Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation)!


This is a screen shot of few pics, you can check for more at their FB page.

I wanted all my fellow readers to go through their pages, experience their love and care and share your thoughts on the same.

Know more about their pages; Facebook, Twitter, YouTube !


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