Letting Go…

my-memoriesIt’s a too harder than it looks. You speak all day, everyday. You go to sleep along with the phone. You wake up to good morning texts. You think about them each and every second you’re awake then once you’re asleep, you dream about them. You spare time with them whether its in person or not. They soon become a part of your life and you get used to it. Then all of a sudden, they leave you for some reason. Most of the time once they’re gone, they’re gone permanently. Meaning, no more late night calls, no more cute text messages, no more ’i love you’ ‘babe‘ all of that. The first of the few days you may need to call, text, send them an ask, IM, extremely do everything simply to speak to them and restore what’s “normal”. But, as much as you are trying, things don’t ever change. 

The toughest part is LETTING GO. You check their Tumblr, Facebook, LinkedIn and all their social networking sites typically simply to see what they’re doing and also to see if they have somebody new one. This person that was once your everything is currently simply a memory. A memory that you simply replay over and yet again in your head. You pay nights reminiscing within the aforesaid words, shared laughs, the kisses, all the nice things that went on throughout the time you 2 were along. LETTING GO will take weeks, months, even years. Bear in mind that this was simply a fraction of your time, a memory which will sometime fade.


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