My first cooking.

Guyz, this is my first video shoot of Cooking via cam. A very simple recipe. It was done for a testing. I didn’t know how to edit a video. So thought to learn about it. I gone through some tutorials and edited the video at the same time. Somehow i managed to do a bit, and few things were messedup.

Hmmm, and I thought things won’t come that perfect at the very beginning.

So, ended up uploading it on YouTube 😛

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A Fresh Start

As the year comes to an end, i made a resolution to restart my blog but i failed to do so.

In my previous post i had mentioned about posting my next article. That was 2 years ago! I was a sloth and even more so once i quit my job. I became a homemaker, at the same time it was very hard to be in home. Those boring idle days!!! My life was sedentary. This happened to be my routine. I always wished to do something, but something turns me off.

Now i think instead of letting things get down, look ahead and have a fresh start. And this time i’m actually going to carry out my intention and write a blog. 🙂



My Short Travel Diaries


What is life without travel?

We cherish each moment to pacify our mind and soul. Experiencing the warmth and chill of exotic places gives charisma to our Instagram accounts. Yes, I’m Insta maniac!

Now, I would like to share some of my short travel experiences.

My craziness for travel began, after I got married. Until then, I never wished to move out as i had a bad tendency to puke : (My first ride after marriage was terrible. Later on it went well.. I traveled to the nearest places like Chikkamangalur, Beluru & Halebeedu, Murudeshwara & Maravanthe, Wayanad, Jaipur, Amchi Mumbai, Madikeri, Coimbatore (My grans home). My inspiration to travel is my husband and my Insta peeps where I keep stalking on travelers profile all the time. It feels good to be lost in the right direction. I expect to explore more places to include in my travel diaries 🙂

This is a short travel story. I will definitely share the pics on my next post, which I had taken.




Watch “Desire (aase) An untold story tulu short film teaser” on YouTube

Hello Bloggers…

I hope all are doing fine….It’z been a quite a long time that I’ve blogged. This is my first blog post of 2018. I wish to continue my blogging herewith throwing away all my laziness, busy schedules, etc etc…..

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With Love, Urz

Fiction: Undoing by Kim Magowan


Reasons to do it:

To get you out of my system. Because the reality of you can never match the fantasy– no matter how great you are, how skillful, how tender your touch, how inventive your sweet talk. So possessing you will take away your power. That’s why I need to see your body: naked, real, unglorious. So I won’t want it. Cure by poison.

Or, carpe diem, et cetera. Life is short, right? In two years I turn forty. Soon my life will be too unwieldy to fling (like an anarchist in a cartoon, throwing a dynamite stick) into the fire.

Grist for the mill. I need to think of you as a research project: this is a collection of information, like leaves from a nature walk, like specimens from the moon. I will observe you closely: the hair on your shins, the texture of your armpits, the…

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A Place to Find Our Words: Bloggers and Their Writing Spaces


Man Booker Prize-winning novelist Yann Martel once described how “totally dull” the space he uses to write is: “It’s a table with a computer, that’s it,” he said. “I have little pieces of paper next to me that are my little notes, and that’s it. Otherwise, I could be an accountant for, you know, as far as my desk, you couldn’t tell that I’m a writer.”

Like Martel, I prefer writing at a sparse desk so I can focus on the words in front of me. I was curious if others felt the same, so I asked five bloggers to take photos of their writing spaces and describe how they work in them.

Kate Herman, Foreign Haven

Kate is a writer who teaches English in Prague.

I have this unfounded notion that my most brilliant thoughts spill from my pen while I romantically sip a cappuccino at the local bohemian…

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